Saturday, June 9, 2012

James Catch Up

James kept us busy this Spring!  He played soccer two nights a week and had swimming lessons on another night.

James and his team

Soccer was much more successful this year than it was last Fall.  It definitely helped having parent coaches than high school kids.  Anything that can keep him running and occupied for two hours a week is a win for us!  

James is doing awesome at swim lessons.  He can swim on his own and just needs to work on his stamina to move up to the next level!  We went to the pool over Memorial Day and he went down the big slide all by himself!  

It does take a lot of effort to keep this kid occupied.  He is not one to enjoy playing by himself, and poor Chris gets the brunt of the "Why aren't you playing with me?" (even after he has played with him for hours).   He also loves to make a mess...
Exhibit A:
(they sent this stuff home from school...what were they thinking?  It went in the trash after this disaster)
Exhibit B:
He loves worms and all other bugs he can find outside.

But occasionally (and this is super rare) we just completely wear him out:
 Do you know how quiet the house is when he is sleeping?  It is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

We also took James to his first Cub's game at Wrigley!  He was a big fan of Cracker Jacks.  
(Chris paid a homeless guy $2 to take our picture, and he was literally laying on the ground to get this shot)

James got his first cavity.  I was astounded that a 4 year old could have cavities (I had my first one only a couple years ago, and still only have 2 or 3).  Apparently James inherited Chris' cavity-prone teeth, so if Chris's mouth is any indication we'll be making lots of trips to the dentist for fillings : (  

It is summer, so we're trying to spend as much time outdoors with this one.  He starts t-ball next week!

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