Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chris Catch Up

We celebrated Chris' 33rd birthday (in May) with a trip to the Morton Arboretum. 
He scaled mountains (or rocks)
Crossed treacherous waters full of...tadpoles
tadpole hunter
we got lost in the maze...again (3 times and I still can't find my way through)

Claire did was she does best, hang out and be cute!  

And then she pooped one of those poops that went everywhere (literally, everywhere, including on me), and it was time to go home!  

I baked a cake the size of Texas:
and Chris got exactly what he wanted!

In other non-birthday news, Chris was on the development team for a new oatmeal product, and it is yum!  Go out and buy some if you haven't already.
And in between playing with James non-stop and creating new oatmeal, I keep him busy with an endless number of projects, like this:

One of these days I'll run out of things for him to do...maybe not! 

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