Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July

can you tell how much he loves his sister?

Holy hotness, the 4th of July was HOT (over 100 degrees)!  We went to the Barrington parade again this year and just about melted.  While Chris and James cooled off at the pool that afternoon Claire and I rested at home and then had a little photo fun in her patriotic dress.  We capped off the evening with fireworks and some sparkler action.  Claire slept through the entire show and James wanted to go home five minutes after they started.  Having a holiday in the middle of the week is just strange!    


Kelly said...

What a drool monster! Looks like she will be working on some more teeth. Glad you guys survived the heat! (and can you guess why I am up at 2:50 in the morning? Claire is about to be bumped from the baby of the family very soon!)

Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

Katie, these are beautiful pictures! You need to upload them to Shutterfly so that I can get some prints. Little Claire's baby frame needs some updated pictures and these are precious. I really love the one with the two of them on the bench. You are looking pretty good yourself little Mama!