Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More JameSpeak

James has been walking around singing "Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh like Baby".  He's totally singing a Justin Bieber song.  You know why?  Because they play it at daycare.  I walked in on the Justin Bieber dance party tonight when I picked him up.  Now the song is in my head (but just that line, I don't know the rest of the song).  I may have to find a new daycare if they keep up these shenanigans.

He says when he's 5 he gets to do "crowdy" aka karate. 

He loves to tell you when "You're teasing me".  Or when "I'm just teasing you". 

Tonight James wanted to pray before he went to sleep.  He wanted to pray for his friend Eden.  I asked if that was because Eden was sick (he's been having some crazy allergic reactions that they can't figure out), but James just said he wanted to pray for him because he wanted his daddy at "Abby church" (aka church where he has a friend named Abby). 

James told me he's "growing up so fast".  Totally agree buddy.

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

Justin Bieber??? Are you kidding me?? Whatever happened to Twinkle twinkle little star? Tell them Grandma shares your concern:(