Friday, August 28, 2009

I guess I missed the memo

Everyone was wearing blue! Scott's parents generously invited us over to their family gathering in St. Louis last weekend, and we were able to get some family shots of the aunts, uncles and cousins together (see more shots on Kelly's blog). Tessa has grown so much since I saw her at one month (even though she is still a little peanut; just moving up to the size 1 diapers and still just barely fitting into the 0-3 month clothes). I'm hoping that 1) I get to see her at Christmas (if not before) and 2) she has moved up to the 3-6 month clothes so she can wear this cutie I bought for her!

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

These are just fabulous pictures of everyone. I will definitely have to get prints of them. I'm glad that all six(!) of you were able to get together for a wonderful week-end. The pictures at the zoo are toooooo adorable. Give that Mr. Big Boy a hug from Grrr-maumau. Mom:)