Saturday, August 29, 2009

And I run

I am not fast.

If you saw me walking by, you wouldn't think "there goes a runner".

I think that my body is weak.

But then I get up on a Saturday morning,

and I run.

There are walkers, and bikers, and other runners, and the occassional deer,

and me.

I run.

My feet pound along the pavement to the beat of the songs on my iPod.

(thank goodness for iPods)

The sun starts to poke through the trees, the wind is in my face, and I just go.

And it feels good.

Dad and I officially registered for the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Half Marathon this week. Seven weeks to go, seven more miles to add to my long runs.

And I run.


Shannon said...

YEAH! I love running as well - and I pretty much share all the sentiments as you and I especially could not LIVE without my IPod. We're sad but we aren't going to be able to do the KC Half with you guys. Jason is going to be studying that weekend for the PE - boo!

You're going to do great though - keep it up!

Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

I'm so proud of you and your Dad for choosing to set another big goal for yourselves. On top of everything else now you have to squeeze running in (somewhere!) You both will do well, and it will become one of those great memories to tuck away for some day far down the road. Keep those feet moving! Mom:)