Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ten on Wednesday

1. Chris was using the computer last night so I couldn't post an update for this week. I'm really trying to follow my resolutions for this year, and part of being more healthy I'm trying to get to bed earlier than usual (and I was just plain tired last night).
2. I'm really excited that the Chiefs hired a new GM yesterday. And I'm crossing my fingers that the coaching staff gets the boot today (or tomorrow). Here's to hoping for an improved 2009 season!
3. You know what else I'm excited about? The Jayhawks opened up their Big 12 season with a big fat win against the Wildcats. Good thing Grandma Jayne picked the right shirt to give James for his birthday!
4. James LOVES to brush his teeth. I bought a stool for his bathroom last weekend, and we consistently find him crawling up the stairs to stand on his stool to brush. Good thing, the kid is going to have all of his teeth in before we know it. He has ALL FOUR eye teeth coming in right now, which is making him a cranky, drooling, waking up way too early mess. I am thankful for teething tablets and that as soon as these are in, he's pretty much done with teething for a few years!5. Touchdown! James finally figured it out. I've promised Grandpa James a video of it this weekend when we cheer on the Cardinals (Uncle Scott's team).
6. I've gotten one area of the house organized and simplified! I tackled the desk area that is the dumping ground for pretty much everything. I brought the shredder up from downstairs so that I can actually shred our junk mail when we get it, versus piling it up for weeks on end (and it is left unplugged when it isn't being used so James can't turn it on and get his fingers shredded). I got the Bedford Smart Technology Station last year from Kelly, so the cords from my phone, ipod and PDA are hidden and can be charged in style. I organized the drawers so that one holds tech-type stuff (and any cords are placed in plastic bags by type so they are kept organized), and the other holds a folder with all my non-grocery shopping coupons and my notebooks for lists. The only thing I had to go buy was the plastic folder and the desk organizer, which is where I place any mail that needs to be paid or needs follow-up (which I do once a week). Now I just have to keep it in this shape!

7. Next up, the guest bedroom. We...I have a lot of clothes that haven't been worn in a long time that are just taking up space in the closet that really should be donated. I've got to get the room all ready for Scott and Kelly's (and her baby bump's) visit the first weekend in February!
8. I was looking through my old pictures from last year, and today was the day that James rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time. Can you believe how much he has changed?
9. Other resolutions I've got a jump on, I have a physical scheduled for Saturday, my annual...ehm...women's exam scheduled for later in the month, and I went to the gym for the first time yesterday in I can't even tell you how long. I'm also doing an arms workout from Gwyneth's trainer to tone up this weak upper body. I know it is only January 14, but it feels good to be back in the swing of things. I've been feeling just tired lately, so I'm hoping that some regular exercise will help out with that.
10. Life is just busy, you know? All of a sudden it will be 5:00 on Sunday and I can't figure out where the time has gone. I need to take a step back and not put so much pressure on myself to get it all done.

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

James Logan is getting to be such a big boy. He looks really proud of how he has learned to brush his teeth. Such a cutie! I am way impressed on how organized and de-cluttered you are getting. You will be so glad you are getting rid of all the "stuff" you don't really need. Good job daughter! Mom:)