Monday, September 9, 2013

Desert Wedding

In March James, Claire and I went to Arizona for my cousin Andie's wedding.  I am proud to say that I flew with both kids all by myself and everyone made it there and back in one piece!  Thank goodness for the invention of the iPad. 

We took the kids to a rodeo (that we missed last year when I was there on maternity leave).  James and Tessa rode sheep in the mutton bustin' contest!  Tessa went first and did awesome.  James was second, and was barely hanging on as he came out of the shoot :)  I don' think he has much of a future on the mutton bustin' circuit.  

Traditional pony rides were a much safer bet!
Honey is so much fun!  She had those kids spinning and spinning and spinning.  

The wedding was held outdoors at a private home.  The reception, however, was hosted by my sister and brother-in-law.  It was so generous of them to open up their home and backyard to all the guests.  Aside from the weather being COLD (thank goodness for the new outdoor fireplace), it was a beautiful wedding.  It was so fun to hang out with all of my aunts and my cousins Fawn and Meredith who came in from L.A. and FL!  
That baby girl loves her Papa!  He was the only one that could hold her all weekend.  Even still, she asks for him every time she sees the phone. 

The next day we all went out hiking.  Claire was exhausted and looks like she's going to fall out of the carrier, but she was fine. 
These two are BFF's, they have such a great time together!  

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