Saturday, April 6, 2013

We did Disney - Days 6 & 7

And our days at Disney come to an end.  We went back to the Magic Kingdom on our last park day and hit up all the "adult" rides like Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad (Splash Mountain was closed).  James went along on all those rides, and even rode them twice so each of us could go as we switched who was on Claire duty.  The "ride" we waited the longest for was story time with Belle (45 minutes and it wasn't even a ride!).  All things considered, waiting 45 minutes at Disney is nothing, but I'm glad we picked one of the lowest attendance weeks to vacation. 
The really special thing we did our last day was lunch in Cinderella's castle.  If you have a fan of princesses in your house, this is a must do!  You catch Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine and Ariel all in one spot.
Baby girl wasn't feeling very well this day, so I spent the afternoon with her back at the hotel so she could rest.  We did meet up with the boys back at the Magic Kingdom in the evening so we could watch the fireworks show from the park for our last night.  On our way back in we caught the end of the day Celebrate It parade.
The castle lit prior to the fireworks show starting

The next day we flew out in the afternoon.  We still had some meal credits left so we booked a character breakfast for our last day at the hotel.  We were excited to see Mary Poppins (who we had missed by a minute at Epcot earlier in the week) and Alice in Wonderland who we also missed out on.  
 Claire loves Alice! 
 James could not figure out why the Mad Hatter's nose was so big.
I'm pretty sure Mary Poppins is scolding James for his lack of manners.  I wish she would come live us.

After breakfast the boys took a quick swim in the pool.  The temps were in the 80's our last day!

Next up, a recap of our week!

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

You really did have a special time at Disney. James looked really happy to be surrounded by those pretty princesses! Lots of memories to treasure.