Saturday, March 24, 2012

Funny things James says

On Monday night James had an encounter with a rogue soap dispenser when it shot soap into his eye.  The situation was not funny at all, and very scary for him, which prompted him to tell Chris, as he was laying on the floor as we tried to wash his eye out: "I can't see.  Daddy, you're going to have to hold me and take me everywhere for the rest of my life."  It was a little hard not to laugh at that one.  Happy to say that James is not blind and has made a full recovery. 

On the way home from school James told me that Lily (our cat) wasn't going to be at home.  It went something like this:
James: Lily is gone.
Me: Where did she go?
James: The North Pole.
Me: How did she get there? 
James: A stranger came into our house and dug a hole and went to the North Pole.
Me: Who lives at the North Pole?
James: Santa.
Me: Did Santa take her?
James: No, it was a stranger. 

No worries, Lily is safe and sound.

This morning during breakfast we were looking at some pictures of James that school sent home of his cooking class (they made banana splits).  One of the pictures had red eye, and James said: "Look!  I have raspberries in my eyes because I was looking at raspberries!" 

He's been full of it this week!

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

Glad that James made a full recovery, and that Lily is safe and sound. He is becoming quite a character.