Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Pool

It is December, and that means that Baby C #2 is due this month!  I would like to say that we're totally ready, however I still have not made one trip to the baby store, we have not toured the hospital where I will be delivering (we're switching from where James was born), none of the baby "stuff" (car seat, swing, etc.) has been pulled out of the basement, and I can't find an outfit I like to bring the little one home in (which is obviously not critical, but for a sentimental mom still important).  I still need to wash all the sheets and (gender neutral) clothes since they've been sitting in boxes for four years, but the nursery is ready for baby to come home to (pictures to come, its been very cloudy here lately), and I do have enough diapers and wipes to get us through a couple of weeks.  I'm pretty sure the only reason the nursery is ready is because it was painted when we moved in over a year ago and everything else, for the most part, we already had on hand and was set up. 

Pictures of me have been few and far between on the blog, so here are a couple belly shots from the last month. 
32 Weeks

36 Weeks (excuse the bare feet this morning)

Official due date is December 31, but this baby will be coming this year (accepting all good thoughts and prayers that it doesn't need to be medically induced!).  Feel free to comment your guess on gender and arrival date!  If you are guessing the baby arrives in January, you will be wrong : )  Weekly doctor appointments start tomorrow!  


Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

Okay, I'm guessing a girl, arriving on December 27th (letting you get Christmas out of the way) and she will sleep, sleep, sleep like an angel for you. But really, healthy baby (that sleeps like an angel) will be more than a blessing.

Kelly said...

I am also guessing girl, but on December 28th.

Shannon said...

I'm guessing boy, December 29th. How exciting!!!

erin said...

I've given this some thought and I'm going with Girl (btw Erin is a great name) on December 26th!