Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chicago Staycation Part I

Honey and Papa came for a visit a couple weeks ago.  Papa thought 10 days was going to be waaaaaaay too long to be here (staying in our house), but the time flew by and before I knew it they were headed back to Arizona.  We fit in a lot of fun around Chicago, and lucked out by having beautiful weather before the heat and humidity arrived.

One day we took the train downtown and did the architecture tour on the Chicago River.  Trains + Boats = lots of fun for 3 year old boys!

We spent the rest of the afternoon on Navy Pier.  We checked off lunch at Bubba Gump (turns out James loves shrimp), the Ferris Wheel and carousel.  Honey and Papa rode on the "swings" while James and I looked on.  And James got a ride on the train, because we knew if he didn't that would be the ONLY thing he remembered from that day, that we didn't let him ride on it :)

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