Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Very Magical Birthday


This year we celebrated James' 3rd birthday with a magic show party.  There was a magician, balloon animals, magic hats to decorate, magic wands in the gift bags, and of course cupcakes.  The party was a huge hit, James was a gracious host telling everyone "thank you for coming to my party", and I was glad I didn't have 15 3-5 year olds in our house. 

Three was the year that he really understood it was his birthday (we were talking about it for months).  Three was also the year of Toy Story 3.  Three is the year that my baby became a little big boy.  He is full of opinions, of "doing it myself", and stubborn as can be.  He is very helpful (when he wants to be).  He is fearless.  He can start a nail with his little plastic hammer.  He loves to help in the kitchen no matter if it is baking or washing dishes.  He loves to do puzzles and color.  He is proficient at using the iPhone.  I love to listen to him as his imaginative play is really taking off.  I'm pretty sure he has an imaginary friend named Bobby.  I can still get a hug out of him, and love to sneak in kisses on his neck. 

Happy Birthday James

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

It really was a fun party. So glad we could be there to enjoy it.