Thursday, November 26, 2009

This will be the year...

There was the year that we had Thanksgiving dinner from the microwave.

There was the year that we went to a restaurant buffet and had cold turducken.

There was the year that I was THIS BIG because I was days away from giving birth.

There was
last year where we served 11 people a completely homemade meal, when our house really only sits 4 comfortably.

And then there was this year, when our friends Ben and Shanna graciously invited us to their family's Thanksgiving dinner since we don't have any family to celebrate with in the area. And where I offered to bring rolls and salad. And I decided to cook rolls...from scratch...for the first time ever. And after two hours of prep work, the *!&$ oven decided it wasn't going to preheat. And I had almost 4 dozen uncooked rolls that weren't going to get eaten. And an emergency trip to the grocery store was made 30 minutes before we needed to leave.

Yeah, this will be that year...

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