Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day One

Day one of what, you may ask? Day one of my training for a half marathon! That's right. I'm not nearly as crazy as the last time around I trained to run the marathon, but on paper I think that this looks pretty doable. But, it's only day one (but I made it the full three miles without walking, so that counts for something).

My dad is going to train for it, along with his brother and some other "old" people. So I figure I can keep up with the pushing 60 crowd for sure. It will be quite a family affair if we all make it to October in one piece.

So put it on your calendar. We'll be in KC the weekend of October 17th!

Chicago Marathon, October 2005

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Shannon said...

Fun - so glad you are going to do it! We are training and really hope to make it BUT there is a slight possibility we will have to back out last minute. Jason is taking the PE exam the following weekend and we have heard it is brutal. He is going to see how his studying is going and we'll make the decision in October. Hopefully, we'll make it though!