Monday, June 8, 2009

Are you ready for this?

Here is a rundown of our lives the past month. Sorry for the lack of posts/pictures. I've been a little (lot) distracted and busy with work stuff. But that is sure to improve soon : )
We had James dedicated at church at the beginning of May. My parents came to visit (and to see James for the first time since Christmas!).
He's become a big fan of dipping things, and then just eating the condiment. Favorites include ranch and ketchup. I think I was a big fan of dipping as well. I will never live down dipping pickles in Cool Whip. James gives me a run for my money by dipping peaches in ketchup though.

Still a big fan of the swing.

We went back to the petting zoo with our friends Nikolas and Connor (oh yeah, and their moms Emily and Kelly were there too; as well as a couple of younger siblings, Nathan and Avery). The big hit of the day was the pony ride (unfortunately I have no pictures of it though).

James is saying a lot more words now. I think my favorite is "ow-wa". He has lots of "ow-wa's". Scraped knees, elbows, stubbed toes; I think its just part of being a boy. But if you ask, he'll show you all his "ow-wa's". He's a big fan of being outside, of "dydney" and "lililily". And he's quick to tell you "bye bye" whenever you leave the room.
This is going to be a fun summer : )

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