Friday, March 13, 2009

Kansas City Here I Come

I'm heading to KC this weekend for Kelly's baby shower (yay!). I had good intentions of getting some pictures posted this week of Mr. J (as the grandparents are getting restless to see pics of this growing boy), but time got away from me and it just didn't happen. Sorry. We seriously just haven't taken that many pictures lately. J is just a hard one to get to sit still long enough to snap a picture! He is always on the move; as soon as I get the camera in hand he is walking toward me, dirty hands all ready to touch the lens. But Chris did manage to get a few shots of him the other night with his favorite thing out of the fridge (a bottle of tabasco sauce) and eating dog food (okay, I think we usually catch him before he eats it, but he seriously really likes dog food).

This will only be the second time I've been away in 15 months. And it isn't so much that I need a weekend away from them, I need a weekend away from all the stuff I do on the weekends that takes me away from them anyway. A weekend where I don't have to pick up the house (over and over and over again), do the laundry or make a meal plan for the week, make the grocery list and actually go to the grocery store is much needed right now. Next week we'll probably be eating Mash and Cheez-its all week since Chris is in charge of the list making and grocery buying, but its only for a week, right?

Have a great weekend! I'll have lots of pictures next week, promise!

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