Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Uh Oooooo

That is James' newest word(s). Uh Oooooooooo. He makes an "O" with his mouth and carries out the "O" sound. His favorite thing to do is throw (not drop, throw) something (usually a cup) on the floor and then say "Uh Ooooooo". We try to tell him its not an "Uh Ooooo" when you throw it on the floor on purpose. Oh well. He thinks its funny.

Other news, James was home from day care for the past two days with a fever and a wicked cough. The flu? He didn't get a flu shot (wanted to refrain from another shot, and I have never had one because I never get sick, beyond a mild cold), was that wrong? Either way, the fever is gone now so back to daycare he goes. I'm just thankful Chris was in town and able to stay home with him!

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