Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Five - The "It's time to grow up, baby" Edition

  • You know how we've had major sleep issues with James (see #4)? Well, it was time for Mr. Baby to grow up this week. Monday night started a new bedtime routine for James to fall asleep by himself, no one in the room watching, or shhhh-ing, or patting, or rocking. And let me tell you, he didn't like it! We've never been a fan of the "cry it out" method, but Monday night he just had to cry, and cry he did for 11 minutes until he fell asleep. Tuesday didn't count as he fell asleep while having his bottle. Wednesday was a little better, and Thursday we had a break-through. There were only two cries let out, and then he went to sleep, and slept ALL NIGHT and didn't wake up until almost 6:30! He was ready to grow up, we just weren't letting him.
  • What do you think a (almost) 9-month old's favorite toy is? You might think it is something that makes music, or a book or a stuffed animal. Nope, not James! It's a cup. A red Solo cup (you know, the kind you put your keg beer in...I wonder if that is an indication of things to come?). He crawls all over the house with that thing.
  • I finally made it back to the gym this week. I've been on a work-induced hiatus due to the longest Operating Plan season requiring me to eat through lunch for, oh, the past two months. And I think I might have over done it a bit, as I couldn't walk normally (and had to avoid stairs at all costs) for the past two days. I'm good today though, and back to the gym it was!
  • This post titled "Poison Control" over at This Young House is great if you are thinking of going a little more "green" (and we all should be!). I know I'll be taking this information and making more "green" changes in our house!
  • We're off to Valley Falls tomorrow so Chris can attend a board meeting, and so James can hang out with the Grandparents and his Aunts and Uncles (who haven't seen him since Christmas!). This is one of three trips we're taking this month. What were we thinking?!?!

Have a great weekend!

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