Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, America

My parents came up to visit for the long weekend, and we made it action packed! On the 4th we visited a petting zoo, where James got to see lots of animals for the first time, including ducks, deer, sheep, goats, llamas and cows.

Crazy goat was perched up there the entire time.

We then at lunch in the park and James took a turn in the swings and the slide.

Then that evening, I was one of "those parents" who take their baby out too late, and to a rock concert at that. We went to hear Josh Kelley perform at the Crystal Lake Gala. My dad has this hideous shirt that he bought to wear to a Toby Keith concert. It is seriously one of the worst shirts EVER! But we gave him a pass to wear it since it was the 4th and all. So the two James' wore their patriotic finest (and I use that term loosely) and we rocked out. Seriously, James Logan was tapping his foot and clapping to the music. I think he's going to be a rock star.

See? I told you it was bad.

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