Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Class Cancelled

My last photography class was cancelled tonight. It is being rescheduled for next week, but since Chris will be heading to Canada to check out the oats, I won't be able to go (if only Sydney could babysit). So, since I won't be showing off my final project in class, I'll show it off here. The assignment was to do a photo essay and present five photos in class. Now this class was only 6 weeks long, and I didn't have nearly as much time as I thought I might to focus on the techniques and lessons each week, so I'm no where near a great (or even decent) photographer. But I did learn quite a bit. I might invest in a better camera (an SLR) here in the next few months (Christmas gift anyone?), and I plan on doing some learning on my own (I got myself a library card tonight). Lyndsay over at Life in Motion Photography is completely self-taught, and she is awesome. Her photos truly inspire me, plus she's a mom of three (and that is inspirational in and of itself). I don't plan on starting my own photography business like she did, I really just want to take some great shots (I have the perfect subject). So, without further ado...my photo essay, taken at the Lake in the Hills Rockin Rotary Ribfest:

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