Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hong Kong - Day 3

Chris had class all day today, so I set out on my own to the Hong Kong History Museum. The museum was very interesting, and covered the history from the creation of the islands all the way through the British handover to China. I think this is a must-see for anyone visiting Hong Kong, so you can really understand how far the Hong Kong people have come.

All of the Chinese food starts to get old, so I had lunch at the Main Street Deli. If you are looking for some good New York style deli sandwiches, this is the place to go! I decided that I would take the ferry back across the harbor to take in the views. The ride is very quick and provides a great view of the Hong Kong Island coastline.

The thing I love about Hong Kong is that it is so easy to get around. There are signs everywhere, so a map really isn’t necessary (as long as you know what Metro stop you need). All day I felt completely safe walking around by myself (and I never even got lost).

The weather has been completely beautiful while we’ve been here (probably in the 60’s). The Hong Kongnese think that it is cold, but coming from Chicago it feels wonderful! Because Hong Kong is on the north end of the tropics, it never gets below freezing, and the people here don’t even have heat in their homes. In the winter they eat Hot Pots, which sounds just like fondue (they cook raw meet in hot water), to warm up at home or in restaurants.
Tonight we are going back to Kowloon to watch the laser light show across the harbor, and we’re going to have dinner at a special little place suggested by my Aunt Dana. We travel to China tomorrow and will be there until Wednesday. I doubt that our hotel will have internet, so I’ll post our China update on Wednesday/Thursday.


Kelly said...

Wow! Hong Kong is beautiful. I loved looking at the harbor pics and the names on all of the sky scrapers... LG, Hitachi, Panasonic... Your hotel looks really nice, too. Glad you guys are having such a good time! Kelly

Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

Kate- It looks like you two are making the most of your time in this fascinating city. I loved the pictures of the "old" juxtaposed against the "new" of the city. I'm very proud of you for venturing out on your own today! Glad to hear that you got to do some shopping as well. I will look forward to seeing your purchases! Will Chris have his custom-made suitcoat and slacks before you head home? Wow, what a treat! Look forward to your next post! Mom:)